It can be hard work to decide which e-commerce platform to use when creating an online store. There are so many options out there, and it is tough to know where to start.

When choosing a website builder, there is no shortage of options. But when it comes to professional e-commerce sites, the competition gets a little tighter. WooCommerce and Wix can be powerful tools for any small business owner. They are each easy to use, offer continual updates, and share many features in common. 

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your products online. Wix, on the other hand, is a website builder that's fully integrated with e-commerce features. Which one should you choose?

woocommerce vs wix

WooCommerce Vs. Wix: A Detailed Overview Of The Differences

In this article, we're going to take a detailed look at WooCommerce and Wix. We'll cover the basics of what these stores are, the advantages that they offer, and their disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision about which option is best for your company.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create great-looking and functional websites with no coding required. You can use their drag-and-drop interface to create your site in minutes, or you can insert images and text into "sections" and then edit the content in your browser before publishing.

wix wooproducttable Ltd. is an Israeli software company founded in 2006. It develops and markets Web development services. According to reviews, Wix is the most user-friendly website builder available today. It serves 160 million websites and is used by over 100 million users in 190 different countries.

Wix has a variety of pricing plans, depending on what features you need. 

The Connect Domain Plan is the most basic and only costs $4.50 per month. If you need more features, the combo plan costs $10.25 per month. 

The unlimited plan gives you even more features and costs $14.87 per month. For the ultimate in Wix features, the VIP plan costs $28.72 per month. 

If you have a business, there are also business plans available. The Business Basic plan is $20 per month while the Business Unlimited plan is $29.75 per month. 

For businesses that need the absolute best, there is the Business VIP Plan, which costs $41.03 per month.

One of the best things about Wix is that it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, if you're not happy with your experience, you can get your money back in full.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce plugin that you can download, install, and use for free. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that lets you build a website or blog from scratch. It is self-hosted, so you don't have to pay for hosting. WooCommerce is much more potent than Wix because it gives you the ability to turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning online store.


WooCommerce comes with a lot of features, such as the ability to manage products and orders, process payments, and more. WooCommerce also has features like coupon codes and the ability to sell both physical and digital products.

You can add products, set up payment methods, manage to ship, and more. It has a huge number of themes and add-ons that you can use to make your store look exactly how you want.

WooCommerce can be installed and used on any self-hosted WordPress site. Installation is simple and straightforward, and there are plenty of resources available online to help users get started

WooCommerce is a free plugin, but that doesn't mean it's free to use. First, you need to host your website. WooCommerce doesn't include hosting in its pricing. Second, you need to pay for a domain name. A domain name usually costs around $5–15 per year. 

Finally, you'll need to pay for hosting packages and other security features. These can cost around $100 per year with security features.

Paid WooCommerce themes can provide your store with a more polished and professional look. While there are many free themes available, they may not offer the same level of customization or support as a paid theme. Paid themes also have more features, like built-in payment processors, integration with social media, and customer support. The price range is between $10 and $100.

So, while WooCommerce is technically free, it's not really free to use. You'll need to pay for hosting, a domain name, a theme, and security features.

WooCommerce Vs. Wix: Pros


  • WooCommerce's community is the largest and most active group of people dedicated to WooCommerce. There are over 400,000 WooCommerce members, contributors, and developers around the world.
  • Wix provides its users with a community for blogging. Users are given the opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences and to share the stories they've lived.

Themes and Templates:

  • You can find themes for a wide range of businesses, including eCommerce stores, businesses that sell digital products, and more. And, with so many options to choose from, you're sure to find a theme that fits your needs. Such as Themeforest, and Themify.
  • WIX is a website builder that provides you with everything you need to create an attractive and stylish website. With over 500 templates to choose from, you can find a design that fits your needs. The templates are easy to use and allow for a lot of customization. You can change the colors, fonts, and layout, and add your own images and text. Wix also provides an eCommerce platform for businesses to sell their products online.

Store Building Interface:

  • You can build a WooCommerce store with the help of themes and addons. With themes, you can choose the look and feel of your store, while add-ons allow you to add functionality to your store. This makes it easy to create an online store that perfectly suits your business. You can also rest assured that your store will be easy to use and navigate for both you and your customers.
  • The Wix website builder has an interactive drag-and-drop user interface. With this intuitive technology, you can easily create a professional-looking website in no time. Simply pick the elements you want to use—images, slideshows, and text—and position them wherever you like on the page. You don't need any coding skills or previous experience with website design to get started.

SEO Opportunities:

  • One of the great things about WooCommerce is that it makes it easy to optimize your store for SEO. If you have any concerns about configuring meta tags and descriptions, WooCommerce will show you how to use them to attract shoppers to your store. It's also easy to find a huge number of SEO plugins for WooCommerce, so you can make sure your store is as search engine friendly as possible.
  • The WIX comes with built-in SEO management functionality to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. And their social-media posters and email-marketing tools help you reach a wider audience and promote your website more effectively.

WooCommerce Vs. Wix: Cons

Third-Party Company Support: 

  •  If you want additional functionality for your WooCommerce store, you need a third-party plugin, so it is important to make sure that you are monitoring its updates and ensuring that all the security patches have been installed. You have to trust the plugin developer. If the plugin developer is dishonest, they could steal your customers' information or sell your customers' data to other companies. Additionally, you have to keep track of all the different plugin updates for each plugin you use on your website. If one of those plugins updates unexpectedly, it could break your website.
  • The first disadvantage of WIX is that templates are Flash-based, and not all browsers support them. This means that you may have to adjust your website for users who use different browsers. Another disadvantage is that WIX does not offer as many customization options as other platforms, such as WordPress. If you want more control over your website, you may have to look elsewhere.

Nothing Is Free:

  • it can be difficult to find an exact plugin and theme for your WooCommerce store. You have to hire a developer to do it. Also, when you need to customize any function again, you need to hire a developer. You have to invest time and money.
  • Wix is a website builder that promises to empower you with all the websites you've ever dreamed of. But don't be fooled- if you purchase a pricing plan, you're only getting access to a fraction of the features and templates. And even if you pay for a premium plan, there's still no guarantee that your site will look good or function properly

No Technical Assistance:

  • If something goes wrong and your website doesn't perform smoothly, WooCommerce isn't responsible for your downtime and the cost of damage. You have to hire a developer to fix the issue. Second, WooCommerce isn't as versatile as other platforms when it comes to fixing bugs in your site. If you need to make it secure or error-solving, you'll need to hire a professional developer.
  • To get technical assistance, you have to sign up for a premium plan. This can be expensive, about $25 per month.

WooCommerce Vs. Wix: Which One is Best

WooCommerce is better than Wix.

In my research, I found out why WooCommerce is the best. 

Let's see what they are:

  • WooCommerce is a well-known e-commerce platform that's more advanced than Wix.
  • WooCommerce offers greater control over your store design and functionality. You can even create your own custom plugins if you'd like to add extra functionality or style to your site.
  • WooCommerce is designed specifically for eCommerce, which means that it has all the features you need to manage your online store. Wix, on the other hand, is a web builder platform that allows users to create websites without any coding.
  • WooCommerce is completely free to use, and it's been optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. WooCommerce has features that Wix does not. Additionally, WooCommerce boasts an impressive range of features, making it the perfect tool for any small business owner.
  • Thousands of developers contribute to WooCommerce, it's easy to find experts who can help you with your projects. Plus, the code is well-organized and easy to understand. If you're looking for an online store solution, WooCommerce is definitely worth considering.
  • WooCommerce also has a very active community that supports and helps to grow the plugin. This means that you can adapt WooCommerceto fit your specific needs better than with any other platform.
  • WooCommerce is also extendable and adaptable. This means that you can add custom code to plugins and themes that work with WooCommerce, making your website even more unique.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to building eCommerce, many people are torn between using WooCommerce and Wix. Both platforms offer plenty of features and options, but which one is better?

If you're thinking that purchasing a Wix pricing plan will give you the power to easily and cheaply migrate all of your existing websites over to the platform, then you're kidding yourself. In reality, it's more likely that you'll be spending a lot of money on a tool that will only partially empower your sites. When you compare Wix's pricing plans to other DIY website builders like WooCommerce, there are clear advantages to using WooCommerce. 

For starters, WordPress is free and has thousands of plugins and themes available for users to use. Additionally, it's very customizable and can be used for a wide range of business types. It's powerful, user-friendly, and very affordable.

After reading this article, I hope you have a better understanding of why WooCommerce might be a better fit for your business needs. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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