Product search is a cornerstone for any e-commerce website. However, it still remains an area that needs to be reviewed and carefully crafted by the designers and developers. It should be done because it is an essential aspect of the overall design that needs to look beautiful, simple, and functional as well. While it is a bit tricky to come up with good product search options in WooCommerce, we have tried hard to make it easier by using the Woo Product Table Plugin. This plugin has been designed in the best way to make your WooCommerce Advanced Search Box more attractive and easier to find. 

There is no doubt that WooCommerce is a powerful and versatile plugin for WordPress, but if you're like me, you're here to make the most of the product and not have to deal with the backend. Go for it if you want to use it, but some things could be easier, like the Woo Product Table Plugin.

You can use Woo Product Table Plugin to improve your product search functionality in WooCommerce. This plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce in all versions and greater and can be used both as a standalone plugin or as a part of another plugin. It doesn't require any coding skills or knowledge and can be easily set up without issues.

Advance search box in Woo Product Table plugin

The Woo Product Table plugin is the best way to make your WooCommerce product listings look more attractive and easier to find. The plugin has been designed with ease of use and is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems.

Woo Product Table makes it easy for you to make WooCommerce stores look professional by providing a good-looking widget for each item's price that can be easily customized.

It also allows you to customize the layout of each widget to fit your store's theme seamlessly, making sure that shoppers can find all items quickly and easily.

Furthermore, it allows you to display any number of products in one place and offers a quick way to add products from different stores, shops, or other vendors without manually updating multiple custom product lists every time they are added or removed from the store.

It also provides an opportunity for merchants who want to get straight into selling their wares without wasting time editing their product listings further down the line, which will only be necessary if their competitor made them do so first!

How to Set Advance Search Box to Your Product Table in WooCommerce: Woo Product Table Plugin [2022]

If you use WooCommerce to sell products, you likely have a table of products that you use to display your items. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up an advance search box on your product table. This will make it easy for customers to find the products they're looking for quickly.

Follow my steps:

Step 1: Plugin Installation

Special Note:

You don’t need to buy the Woo Product Table plugin pro version to set a message note in the WooCommerce product table. We can work with the free version of the Woo Product Table plugin. So first, we have to install and activate the Woo Product Table.

You can easily install the Woo Product Table plugin in two ways:

1st WordPress Panel:

WordPress Dashboard >>Plugins >> Add New Plugin >> Search Plugin >> Woo Product Table plugin

Then you need to be installed and activated.

2nd Plugin Sources:

Clicking on the link will take you to the plugin’s download page, and from there, you will have to download this plugin.

plugin’s download page

After downloading the plugin, you have to upload the plugin to your WordPress site.

Navigate to Plugins >> Add New Plugin >> Upload Plugin>> Choose File >> Select the file from your computer.

Then press the Install Now button to upload this plugin. After that, activate this plugin, and it will work perfectly.

Step 2: Plugin Setup

Once installed and activated, it will show the plugin on the dashboard named "Product Table."

To enable the Advance Search option, you have to change some settings.

Then navigate to Product table >> Configure

dashboard of Product Table.

In the Configure area,
You have to turn on the "Advance Search" option.

"Advance Search

Don't forget to click on the SAVE CHANGE button.

Step 3: Create A Product Table:

First you have to create a table.
Go to the Dashboard >> Product Table >> Add New

 create a table

After clicking on "Add New,"
Give this product tab a name. I named it "Shop table Test."

 product tab a name

Then scroll down.
In the Table Configuration area, you will find "DEVICEWISE COLUMN SETTING".

Here you can create a product table by selecting the columns in which you want to show your customs on a product table.


When you select the columns in which you want to create a custom product table, the columns bar will appear like in the screenshot below.

After that, click on the SAVE CHANGE button to save all the columns for your product table.

create a custom product table

Step 4: Setup Advance Search Box to Your Product Table

First click on the "Search & Filter" tab.

Second, in the "Search & Filter” area, you will find Advance Search Box.
From the Advance Search Box, select Show Search Box from the dropdown like in the screenshot below.

dvance Search Box, select Show Search Box

Third, From a specific area.

You can choose to
ID, post_titl, post_content, menu_order, post_author, post_excerpt, post_parent, post_name, post_date, _sku, _price, _regular_price, _sale_price

have a look at Search from:

Search from

For example

Suppose you want to search products only for the ID, Date, Price, Regular Price, and Sale price.

Then select ID, post_date, _price, _regular_price, _sale_price from "Search From".

search products only for the ID, Date, Price, Regular Price, and Sale price

Click on the SAVE CHANGE button.

Step 4: Product Table Setup on A Page

In this section, I'll show you how to display your customized product page on yours choose page.


You cannot use the advanced search box on the woocommerce archive page.

Such as: shop page, product category page.

but you can use it on other pages.

In that case, first I have to click on Publish.

Product Table Setup on A Page

After that Copy your table's shortcode and paste it where you want to show this WooCommerce product table.

For example,

Dashboard >> Pages

Here I chose a page named "A Woo Product Table."

When you click on the edit option, it will take you to the A Woo Product Table page edit section.

A Woo Product Table

If you are using the WordPress default Gutenberg builder,

Then click on the Add Block button. You will find it on the right corner of the editor, like a (+) plus mark.

When you click on the button, it will show the add block menu with a search bar on top.

Here you want to find the shortcode option.

So, in the search bar, scroll down to the shortcode, as shown in the screenshot below.

After that, shortcode option will appear.

 Add Block button

Click on the Shorcode option.

Here will appear the shorcode bar.

Right now, we paste the table's shortcode into the box.

Don't forget to publish or update your page.

Have a look at product table with Advance Search Box.

 product table with Advance Search Box.

Step 5: Others Important Features

Taxonomy Keywords:

You can give your customers an extra hand in searching by allowing them to search by taxonomy.

keywords as well. But you have to install the taxonomy creator plugin first.

There are a lot of taxonomy creator plugins available for creating taxonomies.

Click on this link , you will get taxonomy creator plugins.

creating taxonomies

Choose by Categories:

You can make an Advanced Search box Filter with [product_cat]

Advanced Search box Filter

Choose by Tags:

You can set product tags on your advanced search box, so your customers can easily search for products by tags.

product tags

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Advance Search Box Product Table Demo:

Advance Search Box Product Table Demo

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In Summary

If you want to add an advanced search box to your product table in WooCommerce, then the Woo Product Table Plugin is the perfect plugin for you! It's very easy to set up and can help you improve your product listing. This plugin is definitely worth considering since it doesn't require any PHP coding and offers a way to make finding products in your store easier.

By adding the plugin to your site, you can easily populate your product table with all of the data necessary to sell your products online. It can help you improve the look and functionality of your WooCommerce product listings, so if you're looking for a plugin that will make your life easier, then the Woo Product Table Plugin is definitely worth considering!

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