If you're looking to start selling eBooks on WooCommerce, then this guide is for you! In this article, we'll outline the basics of setting up your shop with Woo Product Table plugin, including how to add eBooks as products and set prices.

We'll also give you tips on how to market and sell your eBooks, and explain the different payment options available. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced WooCommerce seller, this guide will help you get started!

Why are you using Woo Product Table plugin to Sell Ebooks on WooCommerce?

Let's see the major benefits:

The Woo Product Table plugin helps you display your WooCommerce products in a searchable table layout with filters. Add a table to any page or post via a shortcode. You can create as many tables as you want. Create a table for restaurant order systems, online music sales, mobile wholesale, course booking, selling books, and many more.

It is not only a great way to display product information but also elements that will help your WooCommerce store become more appealing.

This allows you to create a table layout without writing HTML or PHP code. You can display tables on any page type (e.g., posts, pages, widgets, etc.). You can use the pre-built template editor to display any tables. Once created, you can easily edit them as you like (e.g., edit product names and add new rows).

A large part of Woo Product Table’s success is its ease of use and its intuitive design. Woo Product Table comes with an easy-to-use admin dashboard that allows you to manage all your products on a single dashboard.

If you need support or have any questions about the plugin itself or your WooCommerce store's setup then please get in touch with us via our Facebook page or Website.

Step 1: WooCommerce Store Setup:

  1. Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Then click on Add New in the plugin search box WooCommerce. Then click on the Install Now button.

After that, active it.


  1. General Settings:

Go to WooCommerce >> Setting >> General tab

Fill up the Store Address

This is where your business is located.


4) Global Product Setting:

Go to WooCommerce >> Setting >> Product tab

In Products, click on the Downloadable Products tab
Choose the "Force Downloads’ from the File Download Method drop-down menu. and from your Access Restriction based to enable the option of Grant access to downloadable products after payment.

5) Payment Methods:

You will get the Payment Methods: WooCommerce >> Setting >> Payment tab

We suggest you use only PayPal and disable the other payment methods. From the payment tab, scroll down and you will see the PayPal Payment Method. Click on the Get started button.

That will take you to the PayPal Checkout page, where you just click on the Toggle to the manual credential input section.

A credentials information field appears when you click on the Toggle to the manual credential input section. Like below.

field set PayPal to WooCommerce

The Sandbox option or mode here allows you to test your WooCommerce PayPal connection.

Tips: PayPal Payment Gateways accepts payment for your downloadable products. You can get the Live Secret key from your PayPal account.

6. Shipping Conditions:

WooCommerce >> Setting >> Shipping tab

Disable shipping because you will not need it with downloads products.

So click on Shipping options,

then Disable the Calculations (Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page), like the screenshot below.

Your WooCommerce store is now ready to sell downloadable products. The next step is to add a product to WooCommerce. Keep reading

Step 2: Add EBooks as Products on Your WooCommerce Store:

A) Go to WP Admin Dashboard, select Products >> New Product.

B) Enter the value of a title, a description of the product, a product image, a product gallery, and tags.

C) If you scroll down, you'll get Product Data

Choose "Simple Product" from that drop-down menu.

Tick mark on "Virtual" and "Downloadable." like the screenshot below:

  1. Here you have to set,

Regular price, Sale Price, Download limit, Download expiry, Product order.

6. In the Downloadable files section,

Click on the "add file" button.

Then click on Choose file, select a file and upload your eBook in PDF format. Also, the name of the file goes into the File Name box.

Follow the screenshot below:

Click on Published Button to save it on your WooCommerce Store.

The next step is to show all your downloadable products on your product table. So, keep reading…

Step 3: Viewing all EBooks products in the Product Table:

A) Install and active Woo Product Table Plugin:

WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins-> Add New Plugin-> Search Plugin -> Product Table for WooCommerce (wooproducttable) -> Then it needs to be installed and activated.

B) After activating it, you will get a menu on your WP dashboard named "PRODUCT TABLE." Now, Click on Add New to create a new product table.

From the WordPress admin area, go to PRODUCT TABLE > Add New to create a new Product Table.

C) Give this table a name:

D) In the Table Configuration area, you will find "DEVICEWISE COLUMN SETTING".

Here you can create a product table by selecting the columns in which you want to show your customs on a product table.


E) When you select the columns in which you want to create a custom product table, the columns bar will appear like in the screenshot below.

F) Query conditions:

First, click on the “Query " tab.

G) In this query tab, we have to only set the downloadable product conditions.

So, our Product type Include is Simple and Category Include is only eBooks.

Because when we created a new downloadable product, we chose eBook as the category.

H) After that, click on the SAVE CHANGE button to save all the columns and conditions for your product table.

I) Shortcode for the product table:

Now, Copy your table's shortcode and paste it where you want to show this WooCommerce product table.


  1. Display Table On Specific Archive page:

If you only want to display the table on certain archive pages, For example Shop Page

Go to the PRODUCT TABLE >> Configure >> turn on 'Table on Archives' and select Shop Page like in the screenshot below.


Have a look at the product table for the downloadable products: eBooks

Woo Product Table Basic

Woo Product Table Complete Documentation


In conclusion, if you are looking to get started selling eBooks on WooCommerce, this is the ultimate guide for you. The tips and tricks provided will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Additionally, if you have any questions or require assistance along the way, please contact the author. Email: contact@codeastrology.com

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