When creating a Woocommerce store, you may want to offer different products at different prices. However, if the price of the products varies, you may face a problem. The problem is, most WooCommerce products do not have a price. You need to add price to variable product so that the customer knows how much they are buying. You might think that there is no way to do it, but you are wrong.

The product prices on the Woocommerce site are normally displayed as a part of the overall price for the product. In some cases, the price might be displayed as part of the "total" price. This is because the product's price is probably the most important part of its price. If you have a variable product with different prices for different products, you might want to display the price of that product as part of the total price. In this article, you will learn how to price to variable product.

How to add price to variable product WoocCommerce

When you create a new product in WooCommerce, you can choose between two price ranges: a low price range and a high price range. However, if you want to change the price range for an existing product, you may struggle to find the right information online. This guide will show you how to change the price range for a variable product in WooCommerce easily.

What is a variable product in WooCommerce?

Variable products are a type of e-commerce product that allows sellers to control the price, stock, and image for each variation. This allows sellers to create a customized product for their customers. 

This type of product can be advantageous to sellers because it gives them more control over their business and their customers. It also allows them to build an audience around their products and increase sales.

This guide will show you how to price to variable product in WooCommerce easily.

Step 1:

First we have to create attributes for setting variable products.
Navigation to Products > Attributes

Attributes page

Step 2:

Now, enter the name for the attribute as something like ‘Size’ and add a slug.
Click the "Add attribute" button to save it.

saved and add attribute

Step 3:

Here you can easily create attributes. We create attributes based on the T-shirt product color and size.

create attributes

After creating all the attribute values, you need to go to the product pages and add the values to generate variations with the attribute.

Step 4:

Navigation to Products > All Products
Click "All Products"
Here you can show all the exiting products in the list.
You can add a price to variable product or a new product.

 All Products

Step 5:

Here we work on existing products.
Choose any product and click on the "edit" option. like the below screenshot.

existing products

Step 6:

Now scroll down and find the Product Data section.
Choose "Variable product" from the "Product Type" drop-down menu.

Variable product set

Step 7:

Now comes the most important part. We need to add attributes first. With attributes, we can create variable products and add on the price.
So click on the Attributes tab, select attributes from the drop down menu.
After choosing it, click on the Add button.
Set values as shown below:

add attributes first

Step 8:

Here you need to set the value based on the color and size attributes.

To confirm your setting, tick these box.
• Visible on the product page
• Used for variations

To save these values, click on the Save attributes button.

Step 9:

After saving the attributes,
Click on the Variations tab of the product and choose Create variations from all attributes from the menu bar.
To work it perfectly, you must click on the "Go" button.

Create variations from all attributes

Through this process, you will be able to create variations with multiple attributes. For each and every possible combination of variation attributes, it will generate a new variation.

every possible combination of variation attributes

Step 10:

When you click on this, it will expand the tab where you can set Regular Price (required), Sale Price (optional) and others important information.

can set Regular Price (required), Sale Price (optional)

Step 11:

After setting the prices of all variations, click "Save changes"

 setting the prices of all variations,

Have a look at the individual product pages after applying the add price to variable products.

You will see a price range from the minimum price to the maximum price according to the variations on the individual product pages.

individual product page

On the frontend, you will find dropdown boxes to select variation options. It will reveal information about the variation, including the available price.

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Wrap Up

Adding a price to a variable product in WooCommerce is a simple process that can help increase sales. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to add a price to a product, and with a little bit of research, setting up prices and tracking sales can be a breeze.

So if you're looking for ways to boost your profits on your products, adding a price is definitely an option worth considering. Remember to keep your prices competitive and relevant to the market, and and you will be sure to succeed with variable products in WooCommerce.

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