Adding a message note to your product table in WooCommerce can be useful for customers and for you as the shop owner. Not only will they know what you're selling, but they'll also have the opportunity to leave you a message if they have any questions about the product. Plus, it's a great way to keep everyone on their toes!

If you sell products in WooCommerce, you know that adding a message note to each product is a great way to keep your customers connected and informed. It can be helpful for customers when making purchase decisions. A customer can write down notes on the product table that can contain important information about the product, like requesting to modify some products, requesting a discount on that product, or requesting to have all sizes or colors of that product.

With the Woo Product Table plugin, it allows you to easily add a message note to any product table. This will appear on each product's table of contents, so users can quickly add notes to the products they’re interested in before they buy them.

What is Woo Product Table plugin?

Imagine you have a product with multiple variants, and you want to create a table that displays them in your choice. The Woo Product Table makes this process remarkably easy.

It offers a lot of features that are helpful in managing products and data. Some of the features include drag and drops elements, sorting table data, Advance Filter (Taxonomy/Title) options, Quick Cart Update and many more.

Let’s you display a table on every archive page, or you can choose some specific archive pages to display. The table can be used to display product categories, product names, price ranges, and more! Woo Product Table works with all types of page building editors like the Classic and the Elementor Editor.

It provides a responsive layout for your product pages, pagination to help keep track of your products and third-party plugins support so you can add more functionality to your product pages.

So, you can even customize the look and feel of the table using the provided templates or your own custom designs. And if you ever need to make any changes, Woo Product Table makes it simple to update or modify the table's data.

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Introduction To Woo Product Table

How to Add a Message Note to Your Product Table in WooCommerce: Woo Product Table Plugin

You can add a message note in WooCommerce using the Woo Product Table plugin. This plugin allows you to add a message note to every product in your WooCommerce store easily. You just need to follow a few simple steps to do it. It lets you easily create an attractive and functional product table to show off your products.
Now follow my steps:

Step 1: Plugin Installation

Special Note:

You don’t need to buy the Woo Product Table plugin pro version to set a message note in the WooCommerce product table. We can work with the free version of the Woo Product Table plugin. So first, we have to install and activate the Woo Product Table.

You can easily install the Woo Product Table plugin in two ways:

1st WordPress Panel:

WordPress Dashboard >>Plugins >> Add New Plugin >> Search Plugin >> Woo Product Table plugin

Then you need to be installed and activated.

2nd WordPress.ORG Plugin Sources:

Clicking on the link will take you to the plugin’s download page, and from there, you will have to download this plugin

2nd WordPress.ORG Plugin Sources: woo product table pro

After downloading the plugin, you have to upload the plugin to your WordPress site.

Navigate to Plugins >> Add New Plugin >> Upload Plugin>> Choose File >> Select the file from your computer.

Then press the Install Now button to upload this plugin. After that, activate this plugin, and it will work perfectly.

Step 2: Plugin Setup

Once installed and activated, it will show the plugin on the dashboard named "Product Table."

No need to set up the plugin. You can do everything with the default setup.

But you have to create a table based on message notes.

dashboard named "Product Table." woo product table pro

Step 3: Make a message note product table as follows:

First you have to create a table.


Go to the Dashboard >> Product Table >> Add New.

 create a product table  woo product table pro

After clicking on "Add New,"
Give this product tab a name. I named it "Shop table Test."

Shop table Test woo product table pro

Then scroll down.
In the Table Configuration area you will find "DEVICEWISE COLUMN SETTING".
Here you can select the columns in which you want to show your customs on product table.

DEVICEWISE COLUMN SETTING woo product table pro

We mainly focused on Message note area.
So, we select the Short Message (message) option on this basis.

Short Message (message) option woo product table pro

When you select the Short Message (message) option, a table column bar will appear like in the screenshot below.

table column bar woo product table pro

Step 4: Table Setup

For setting up a table, just click on the Basis tab. Here you can give some basic conditions on your demand.

 basic conditions woo product table pro

For example
I want to show my blue-red colored T-shirt on my shop archives page to my customers.

I want to show my blue-red colored T-shirt on my shop archives page to my customers. woo product table pro

Click on the SAVE CHANGE button. It will help you to save the columns and condition settings.

Step 4: Product Table Setup on Page

Now it is time to show my product table on my shop archive page or whatever page I choose.
In that case, first I have to click on Publish.

shop archive page woo product table pro

After that Copy your table's shortcode and paste it where you want to show this WooCommerce product table.

table's shortcode woo product table pro

For example,
Dashboard >> Pages
Here I chose a page named "A Woo Product Table."
When you click on the edit option, it will take you to the A Woo Product Table page edit section.

A Woo Product Table woo product table pro

If you are using the WordPress default Gutenberg builder,
Then click on the Add Block button. You will find it on the right corner of the editor, like a (+) plus mark.
When you click on the button, it will show the add block menu with a search bar on top.
Here you want to find the shortcode option.
So, in the search bar, scroll down to the shortcode, as shown in the screenshot below.
After that, shortcode option will appear.

shortcode option woo product table pro

Click on the Shorcode option.
Here will appear the shorcode bar.
Right now, we paste the table's shortcode into the box.

shorcode bar woo product table pro

Don't forget to Publish or Update your page.
Have a look at our message note product table.

Publish or Update your page woo product table pro

Step 5: Woo Product Table Important Features

Message Placeholder Text:

In the product table,
The message note is by default shown in the box (Type your message) like in the screen shot below.

default shown in the box (Type your message) woo product table pro

You can change this short message placeholder text easily.
First you have to go to the admin dash board,
then navigate to the Product Table-> Configure page to change the short message placeholder text.
Scroll down and you will see the "[Type your message] Message" input box.
From there, you can change the placeholder text.

[Type your message] Message woo product table pro

Change "Message" Text

First, take a look below image

Change "Message" Text woo product table pro

You can change the text "Message" also.
You need to use a filter hook for that.

Short Message Note Product Table Demo:

Short Message Note Product Table Demo: woo product table pro

Visit Demo Link:

Final Word:

Using the Woo product table plugin for adding a message note with your order is an easy way to keep track of your progress and ensure accuracy. The WooCommerce product table plugin is an essential tool for sending orders with the WooCommerce platform. With its easy-to-use interface, it makes sending orders a breeze. Simply enter your order information into the plugin and you're ready to go!

Unlike other plugins, the Woo Product Table plugin does not require you to register or sign up for an account in order to use it. So, don’t worry about that!

If you want to improve your business’s order processing efficiency, be sure to install this plugin and give it a try! Make sure to leave feedback for the plugin if you find it helpful, and be sure to follow WooCommerce on Twitter for upcoming updates and new features

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