Variable products and WooCommerce are a match made in heaven. With WooCommerce, you can easily create and manage variable products. This means that you can offer different variations of a product, such as color and size, to your customers. This is a great way to increase your sales, as customers can find the exact product they are looking for. In addition, WooCommerce makes it easy to add images and descriptions for each variation.So, you need to know how to add a variable product in the WooCommerce tutorial.

Variable products for WooCommerce are a great way to offer variations of a product to your customers. You can create different variations of a product by setting up different options, such as colors, sizes, or styles. Customers can then select the variation they want when they add the product to their cart. This makes it easy for them to find the variation they are looking for, and it also makes it easy for you to manage your inventory.

How to Add a Variable Product in WooCommerce tutorial?

In this tutorial, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to add a variable product in WooCommerce. Variable products are products that allow customers to select from a range of options, such as size or color. First, we’ll create the product itself and then add the variations. Then, we’ll create the variations for our product. Finally, we’ll configure the settings for our product. So, follow these steps.

For example

A customer could choose the color of a T-shirt, the type of fabric, the size, and so on. This gives customers a sense of control and allows them to create a product that is uniquely their own. Variable products are perfect for businesses that sell customizable products, such as clothing stores, design studios, and more.

Step 1: Create a New Product

First, you have to create your first Variable product.

Navigate to Products > Add Product

new product create for WooCommerce variable product

You can set the product name, description, categories, etc. as your product requirements. Like below.

new product create of WooCommerce variable product

Step 2: Adding variable on product

Scroll down to the product data section.

Select the Variable Product  from the Product Data dropdown menu.

choose variable option of WooCommerce variable product

When you select it, the Product Data –  Variable Product Dashboard will look like this.

variable dashboard of WooCommerce variable product

Step 3: Assign attributes on Variable product

You get two specific product types, such as “Attributes” and “Variations”.

At first, you need to click on the Attributes section.

From there, the attributes section shows up. You have to choose the “Custom product attribute” from the drop-down. Here you can set the desired attribute for your new variable product. So, click on the Add button.

add set of variable of WooCommerce variable product

In this section,

You must set a name for your attribute in the Name box.

Example: Size

You must set the values separated by a vertical bar.

Example: Large | Medium | Small

You can find that vertical bar on the right side of the keyboard for both Macs and Windows PC.

There are two checkmarks. One is Visible on the product page and the other is Used for variations. You must check both boxes. Because only this can allow you to use the variations of the product.

name set of variable of WooCommerce variable product

If you want to set another attribute, you can repeat the steps. Click on the Add button and new attribute fields appear. 

Example: Color

add of variable of WooCommerce variable product

Finally, you have to click on the Save Attributes button to save your custom product attributes.

Step 4: Add Variations on this Product

Go to the variations section.

There is a drop-down option. where two options are available. One is to add variations, the other is to create variations from all attributes. Click the “Go” button.

type of variable of WooCommerce variable product

“Add variations” means when you want to manually add a variation to the product. It is quite difficult. You have to set a display term for any particular attribute. But also a default option.

add variable of WooCommerce variable product

Create variations from all attributes mainly used to create every possible combination of variations from your attributes. Just take a few minutes to complete it.

nine possible variable of WooCommerce variable product

You can see nine of the possible variations based on two attributes (size and color). You can see nine of the possible variations based on two attributes (size and color). More information can be added to each of the variants you created here. Mouse Hover the cursor like in the screenshot below. Click on the arrow icon to make the screen expand. You can add all the required information (price, SKU, shipping information, tax details).

variable expand field of WooCommerce variable product

Step 5: Set Product Data section

Scroll down to the Product Data section, where you will find nine types of fields.

1) Enabled: Allow for some variation.

2) Downloadable: If the product has a downloadable variant.

3) Virtual: If this product isn’t physical or shipped, shipping settings are removed.

4) Regular Price (required): You can set the usual price for this variation.

5) Sale Price (optional): Set a price for this variation when it goes on sale.

6) Tax status: whether or not it is subject to taxable law.

7) Tax class: This variation has a tax class.

8) Stock Quantity: Displays if Manage stock is selected. 

9) Allow back orders?:  If “Manage stock” is selected. It lets you decide if backorders are allowed for the variation; if they are, the stock level can go below 0.

10) Low stock threshold: When the variation’s stock hits this level, you will receive an email notice. If this field is left blank, the product-wide threshold will be utilized (for more information on inventory management, see below).

11) Downloadable Files: This indicates if Downloadable is selected. Provide clients with a file or files to download.

12) Download Limit: Determine the maximum number of times a consumer may download a file (s).

Download Expiry: you can set the number of days before a download expires after purchase.

variable data set of WooCommerce variable product

You can repeat this process with other variations. And also, do not forget to click the Save changes button.

variable seting of WooCommerce variable product

Step 6: Add Variations on this Product

Regarding this product, we have to set the product image and product gallery. That makes this product view more appealing.

gallery and feature of WooCommerce variable product

After that, you have to publish this product.

publish of WooCommerce variable product

Have a look at the front end of this product.

frontend of WooCommerce variable product tutorial


WooCommerce variable product is an excellent way to create products that are unique and cater to the customer’s needs. It is a highly effective instrument for increasing sales and increasing customer happiness. With a little bit of setup, you can create a product that has multiple variations, each with its own price and SKU. This can be a great way to offer custom options to your customers without the hassle of creating a separate product for each variation. By following these simple steps, you can create a unique product that meets the needs of your customers. Be sure to try the WooCommerce variable product tutorial today and see the results for yourself!!

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