How to create an online music shop using WooCommerce Product Table

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If you want to make an online music shop or something like that, then you need to follow those steps below:

If you have already added an audio file to your existing product, then you can start from step 6 below:

Here I am starting to show, how to add an audio file for an existing product.

  1. Open product page

    First, go to add new product page or edit the existing product.

  2. Add Audio File

    Click to add media button in the product short description to add an audio file.

  3. Select Audio File and insert IT

    Select an audio file from the media library and insert it into the product. See screenshot below.

  4. Successfully Added

    After adding successfully, the file will look like the below screenshot.

  5. Publish/update product

    Click on "publish" or "update" product for the next step.

  6. Create a new product table

    Go to the product table from the Dashboard and select Add New to create a new table. Give a title to the table:

  7. Select column

    Now select columns for your table and you have to select the product column because it shows your audio file as an inner item of your product table. It will look like below

  8. Select category

    Go to the Query tab, here we selected music categories because we want to show only those products that have audio files.

  9. Publish table

    Now publish your table. Look below

  10. Use shortcode

    Now copy your table shortcode and paste your code to that page where you want to display your table. See screenshot below.

  11. Create page

    Now you have to create your page. Have a look

  12. Publish page

    Now you have to paste the table shortcode on this page and publish it. See below.

  13. Visit page

    Finally, your table looks like this:

Also, you can see this demo table form here: Demo Table

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How to create an online music shop using WooCommerce Product Table

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