How to create an audio table using Woo Product Table?

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Demo Audio Table link.

Custom Audio Table

With our Woo Product Table, you can create your own online music store. If you want to add a music/audio column like the above table, follow the below steps.

Check this demo table first!

  1. Create a custom field

    Create a custom field using the ACF plugin and assign it to your products. Input field name carefully. Support: field name is: my_audio_filde - this name will need when you will add your table column. First see custom field screenshot.

    Woo Product table Audio file type

  2. Add A New Column

    Now add a new column with the same ACF field name. suppose: my_audio_filde. In this case, it's audio. and make sure that the "Column Type" is "Audio File Type."

    Woo Product table Audio file type add new column

  3. Add File or Url

    Edit your product and you will see a new custom field. In this case, audio Add url or audio file.
    Please note that you just need one field. Here you see two fields as an example.

    Woo Product table Audio file

If you follow these step, Now go to your table at FrontEnd. You will get Audio column with Audio play button.

See our Demo:

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