Create a Table with UltraAddons Elementor Lite

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We are going to create a table with UltraAddons Elementor Lite. Let start ...

  1. Create a section for product table.

    Firstly, we have to create a section for our product table. As usual, click 'Add New Section' and select a column.

  2. Drag and Drop

    Now look for the 'ADDONS-ULTRAADDONS' section in the elementor menu. You may have to scroll down. You will find a 'Product Table' widget in there. Just drag and drop "Product Table" from there to the elementor section.

  3. Select or create new

    At this moment, you can either create a new table by clicking the 'Create a new table' link or select your existing table from the table list. I am going to select an existing table for this documentation.

  4. Save the Table

    When you select any table from the table list, that table will be displayed in that section. Now click "update" and visit your page.

Well Done! You have created your table. OK, then let's Design Table Head.

Design Table Head

To design your table head, go to Style and expend 'Table Head' section .

Available Options

  1. Typography
    • Using typography, you can change
      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Weight
      • Text Transform
      • Font Style
      • Text Decoration
      • text-decoration
      • text-decoration
  2. Color
    • Use to change the table head text color.
  3. Background Color
    • Use to change the table head's background color.
  4. Border Color
    • Using to change the border color.
  5. Cell Padding
    • If you want to give some padding between cells, use this.
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Create a Table with UltraAddons Elementor Lite

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