Create an Online Book Store using Woo Product Table

Estimated reading: 1 minute

We'll create an online book store based on WooCommerce. To create a similar WooCommerce shop table layout like the one below, follow these instructions.

  1. You must have to install Woo Product Table

  2. You also need to install any custom field creator plugin.

    Here I have used Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

  3. Now create a custom field for the book download link

    If you need help on how to create a custom field in WooCommerce see this article.

  4. Now create a product table using Woo Product Table

    If you need help on how to create a WooCommerce Product Table read this article.

  5. Add a new download file column

    To show a custom field as a column read how to add a custom field as a table's column

  6. Finally, click on Update/Publish

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