WooCommerce Product’s Variables Show as Individual Row

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We have introduced a new feature in Woo Product Table Pro. From now you can show variable drop downs as a separate row. Each variable combination will place in an individual row.

Let's see how to display variations in a separate row. Currently, there is only one way to do this. Follow the below steps to show WooCommerce products variations in separate rows.

  1. Create a table

    First, create a product table. Check this to learn about How to Create WooCommerce Product Table.

  2. Select Product Type

    Now, I have selected Product Type Include to only Variation Product on the Query Tab. You also have to select this option to create a variation table.

  3. Select a Variable Product

    Now, go to the Query tab and scroll down. Select a variable product to show its variations in a table like this demo product table.

  4. Paste the Shortcode

    Now copy and paste the shortcode where you want to show your variable product table.

Now you can see a variable product table for Woocommerce variable product. Demo

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WooCommerce Product’s Variables Show as Individual Row

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