Show Variation Name in a Single Column

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In this documentation, we will see how we can display variation names in a different column. To show variations, we need to add a new column according to its attributes.

We can see all the attributes under the product menu.

If we want to add a particular product's attributes, we can do that. Edit your product and you will see that product's attributes.

This product has some variations, and we will display that variation value in a single column.

Let's add a new column for "Main Dishes". For that, go to the "Add New Column" section and fill in the information.

  • Column Keyword: Same as the attribute. Otherwise, it will not work.
  • Column Lable: Here set your column title.
  • Column Type: You must have to select "Single Variation" for the column type.

Now click "ADD NEW COLUMN". A new column will be added to the table.

Now change 'Product Type' to 'Only Variation Product' from Query tab.

You can read our Helper Doc for more help.

And here are the final looks of this table.

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Show Variation Name in a Single Column

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