How to use Advance Cascade Filter

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  1. What is a Cascade Filter:

    Cascade Filter means, that when users choose an option in one filter, it will change the available options in a second filter based on the user’s selection. Such as brand then model and only show models belonging to a specific brand for selection.

    Our “Woo Product Table” plugin lets you add cascading dynamic filters for WooCommerce products. Following our example, this would significantly improve the shopping experience of the auto parts website. Now, when the user chooses Toyota from the Make dropdown, the Model dropdown will include only Toyota models

  2. Enable Filters from the Search & Filter Tab:

  3. Enable Cascade Filter:

    Go to Configure > scroll down to the Advance Cascade Filter section and turn it on

  4. Let's check the Cascade filter:

    You will observe that specific tags are displayed exclusively for the Sunglass category, rather than for all categories:

  5. Select Tags

    After selecting the Luxury tag, only products assigned with the Luxury tag will be displayed.

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How to use Advance Cascade Filter

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