Hide/Show Table Heading

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If you want to hide your product table header, you can follow this operation and can apply it to your site. There is a section “Table Head” in the “Options” tab.

  • By default, it will be active and the table will appear with the table head.
  • If you want to hide the table head you need to hide this section and save settings. Follow this screenshot:
Figure 1: Turn off the Table Head and Save Change the Table.

The result of this Operation:

The WooCommerce Product Table will appear with No Table Head:

Figure 2: Product Table without Table Head.

If you want to show the table with the table head:
Please turn on (Show) the Table head button and Save Change the settings. The Table will be appearing like this screenshot:

Figure 3: Product Table with the Table Head.

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Hide/Show Table Heading

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