Footer Cart Options

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We have a beautiful and informative footer cart. Take a look first

From our footer cart:

  • You can see how many products are added.
  • Which products have been added?
  • You can see the total amount.
  • You can go to the cart page.
  • You can delete products indivisibly.
  • Also, you can delete all products at once.

Enable/Disable footer cart

By default is enabled. To disable footer cart go to Product Table -> Configure page from the WordPress dashboard and you will find an option to hide footer cart.

Change footer cart template

We have some templates to change footer cart design. Just change the template to get a beautiful design.

Change "View Cart' text

Sometimes you may need to change 'View Cart' text. For that, you need to use a filter hook.

Change "View Cart' target

By default, the cart page will open in a new tab. But we can change it with a filter hook.

Now cart page will load in the same tab.

Change "View Cart URL'

If you want to go checkout page after clicking the view cart button on the footer cart option then you can do it easily to add below filter hook as a code snippet or add it to your child theme functions.php file.

After adding this filter hook view cart link will change to the checkout page link and when you are your click the view cart link then it will go to the checkout page directly.

See the screenshot below:

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Footer Cart Options

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