Add new custom column in Woo Product Table

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Time needed: 2 minutes

If you are going to add a new custom column like a custom field, taxonomy, audio, or file this article can help you.

  1. Add new table/Edit your existing table

    If you need help on how to create a new table read this article.

  2. From column, tab find add a new column

    You can add a new custom column in the table at the end of the same page. You will find there "Add new column". Fill in the required information to create a new custom column.add new column

  3. Type your column slug/keyword/name

    If you are going to add a new column for a custom field, then this column slug will be your custom field name.

  4. Give this new column a nice name

  5. Select column type from the dropdown list

    There are several types of columns. Select the best one that is suitable for your needs. There are a few articles for column type-specific.
    1. Taxonomy
    2. Audio
    3. File Download using ACF

  6. Finally, click on add new column

  7. Hooray! A shiny new column has been added

Video Tutorial

Add new custom column (Taxonomy)
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