Add Custom Taxonomy as Table Column

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  1. First, create a custom taxonomy

    First, you need to create at least one custom taxonomy.

    I am using the CPT UI plugin to create a custom taxonomy, which is an absolutely free plugin. Also, some people won’t suggest you use any plugin for creating custom taxonomies. I suggest it because we can use this plugin to create custom taxonomies and then get the code from this plugin and paste it wherever you need it, and finally we can remove this plugin.

    That’s why I’m using this plugin. You can download it from

    After installing the Custom Post Type UI plugin, you will find the option to Add/Edit Taxonomies. Click on it and you will see another screen like below. Fill in the required information and click on Add Taxonomy. I’ll discuss more on this topic later.

    After successfully adding our new custom taxonomy, go to the Edit Taxonomy tab and click on "Populate missing labels based on chosen labels." That’s all for now. We have created our first taxonomy for WooCommerce products.

  2. Add new column with custom taxonomy

    You can add custom fields or custom taxonomy from under the column table.

  3. Now click on Add as Column

  4. Finally, click on publish/update

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Add Custom Taxonomy as Table Column

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