Create a Responsive Table

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We release a new update of our plugin. From now create a responsive is much easier. In this article, we are going to make a table fully responsive.

  1. Set column for desktop.

    Go to the 'Column' tab. You will see the 'DEVICEWISE COLUMN SETTING' section. There are three tabs: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. Click on the Desktop tab and set which columns you want to display on the desktop view.

  2. Set columns for Tablet

    Now we are setting columns only for tablet view. So click on the Tablet tab and select which columns you want to display in tablet view. Remember that if you do not select any columns here, your desktop columns will display on tablet view by default.

  3. Set columns for Mobile

    Finally, we are selecting columns for mobile view. Click on the Mobile tab and select columns for a mobile view like before. Note that if you do not select any column here, then your tablet tab column will display by default. And if you do not select any columns in tablet view, then your desktop columns will be displayed.

OK, you are ready to go. Save the changes. Now your table is fully responsive.

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Create a Responsive Table

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