How to show product attributes in a different column and search box

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Many of our users want to know how to show product attributes with different columns in our Woo Product Table. We are also going to see how to add filters by product attributes.

Follow below step to create a table like the above with attributes in different column and search filter. See the live table here.

  1. Add new attribute column

    Use below this box to add new column.
    Step in Attributes

  2. How to find the Column Keyword for Attributes

    In this field, we have to type the attribute slug. Click on this to configure terms of your desired attributes.
    How to find the Column Keyword for Attributes

  3. Copy the Taxonomy Value

    Here we can see the taxonomy value is pa_brand and we have to copy this value and paste it into the column keyword field at Step 1.
    In your case, the taxonomy value could be different from the below one.How to find the Column Keyword for Attributes

  4. Fill the box

    Column Keyword: Attribute name
    Column Label: Give the column a title.
    Column Type: Select the column type as Taxonomy. This is very important because we are going to show taxonomies in this table column.
    Select the column type as Taxonomy

  5. Show Advance Search Box with Attribute Filter

    To enable the attribute filter with an advanced search box, add taxonomy keywords to the desired filter option.

  6. Show Mini Filter with Product Attributes

    To enable the mini-filter with product attributes, add taxonomy keywords for the desired filter option.

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