Filter Product By Custom Fields

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First, take a look at our demo table Here. In this tutorial, we are going to create a table like that, where customers can filter products by custom field.

  1. Show CF Filter

    Click on the 'Search & Filter' tab and select the CF filter.

  2. Custom Files Options

    When you show the custom field filter, you will see custom field options like the below image.

  3. Add New Field

    Give a label text in 'Change Label' input box, this text will show as a placeholder with custom field label text. Here my text is 'Filter By'.

    In 'Add Custom Field' section we have two input fields.
    1. key - You have to give the exact custom filed name (mine genres) here as a key value. Otherwise, it's not gonna work.
    2. Label - Give a label text, that will show inside the placeholder and above the dropdown menu as well.

    Finally, click 'ADD NEW FIELD" button to add that custom field.

  4. Add Custom field values.

    Now from 'Add Value For Filter' section, add that filter values. You can add as many as you want.

  5. Save or update

    Finally, save or update the table.


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Filter Product By Custom Fields

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