Create an advanced search box table

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If you want to use the advanced search box, then select Show Search Box from the "Search & Filter" tab. It will appear as a search box on your front-end table page. See this screenshot below:

By default, it will search from all product fields. But we can specify the search by using 'Search Form' option. For example, if you want to search only from SKU, check '_sku'

Check which fields you wanna search form.

The Exact Search

usually, when you enter letters, the search engine will search for that familiar word. Like if you search log, it will bring up logo, login, loga. But if you want the exact word then turn on the "like" button.

Add Extra Custom Meta

You may have some custom fields and you want to search only from that custom field, our search will give you that option too. Use 'Additional Custom Meta Field' input box to add a new field in 'Search Form' section.

Search From Whole Site

Basically, Search only works on the selected query. This means, if you display only some categories of products in the table, then it will search only from those specific categories. But you can search from the whole site. For that turn on "Search on Whole Site"

Finally, if you want to see the demo table, click here.

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Create an advanced search box table

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