How to translate Product table by WPML

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If you have a multi-language website you want to translate our product table, this article is for you. I will show you how you can translate the hole plugin step by step. An important note is, that you don't have to create a table for every language. First check wpml setting and set "Translation not available" for "wpt_product_table".

Check Setting of WPML

See screenshot:

Add taxonomy (Important)

This section is very important. You have to add at least one Category to display translated text perfectly.

Translate Columns Name

If you active and added multi-language, you will see an input box for every language. The first one is the default language and the rest for other languages. Enter your language text and save. when you. If your customer changes language then the column name will change according to that language.

Translate message from Configure page

You can find most of the messages on Configure Page. So now we will change the messages from that page. We already have messages in English language. ( I have set English as the default language )

Now we have to change the language from the admin bar and input messages for that language. Here i have change to Bangla.

After typing, all messages click on save change button. Like that you can translate to the rest of the language. Just change language from the admin bar, then type the message and click Save Change button.

Translate message from Option Tab

We have some text in Options Tab. You can change those messages as well.

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How to translate Product table by WPML

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