How to create WooCommerce Product Table?

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  1. Install Woo Product Table

    To get help on how to install Woo Product Table, read this.

  2. Click on Add New to create a new product table

    From the WordPress admin area, go to PRODUCT TABLE > Add New to create a new Product Table.

  3. Give it a name

  4. Enable or disable column

    Just click on active or inactive.

  5. Give it some Query conditions

    If you want, you can give some basic conditions

  6. Give it some extra conditions

    You can set some extra conditions if you want.

  7. Set Search and Filter Appearance

    You can enable the search and filter option.

  8. Configure your table for mobile view

    Also, you can configure your table for mobile view.

  9. Finally, click on Publish

    Click on publish.

  10. Now paste the table's Shortcode

    Now Copy your table's shortcode and paste it where you want to show this WooCommerce product table.

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How to create WooCommerce Product Table?

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