Show images with Url from custom field

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Sometime you need to show an image from custom field. Also may you need to set an url to that image. In this tutorial, we are going to add custom field for image and url and show them in our table. We need 'Advanced Custom Fields(Acf)' plugin for this.

  1. Add custom field for image

    We add a custom field for image using ACF. Make sure that the field type is 'Image'

  2. Add custom field for url

    Now we need to add a field for the url. Here your custom field name has to be 'image_url' , and the field type is 'Url'.

  3. Take a look

    If you did everything right, then you should have two custom fields, 'Image' and 'URL', in your product add page.

  4. Upload image and set Url

    Now upload the image and set the url.

  5. Add a column in table

    Now we need to add a new column to show that image.

  6. Check column

    Column should checked by default, if not check it.

  7. Result

    You can see the result in the table.

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Show images with Url from custom field

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