Show column only for login user

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If you want to show some columns only for login users, you can do it very easily. Click and expand that column and you will see an option "Only Login user". Just check it.

When you select the "Only Login User" checkbox, then your user can not see the column until they are login. See this screenshot:

But if you want to show the column to a guest user with some message, then you need to follow this step, which I will explain below:

Step one: Go to the Configure page and scroll down and Active the Show/Hide Column for Guest Option and save. See this screenshot below.

Now your guest users will see the column look like the screenshot below :

Also, you can change the Login text to use the below filter. Add this filter to your Child theme or main theme functions.php file :

Sometimes we change the default WordPress login URL for some reason. In that case, we also need to change the login link. Here is the way to do it.

See Output here:

That's it. now your guest users will see the Login Here message in the column on your table.

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Show column only for login user

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