Overriding item templates of columns via a theme

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The Woo Product Table gives you the opportunity to Overriding templates of the columns from your theme.

You can change the contents' appearance with overriding template files. Our template files can be found at woo-product-table/includes/items, or if you are a pro user, then you should also look at the woo-product-table-pro/includes/items directory. To override via your theme, simply create a directory named woo-product-table/items and copy the template files inside this directory.

Below you can see our template structure. If you want to override any of these, just copy and paste in to your-theme/woo-product-table/items directory.

The Overriding templates feature can give you more flexibility to customize the Woo Product Table as per your requirements. If you need any help on this topic, please let us know by creating a support ticket.

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Overriding item templates of columns via a theme

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