How to change View Cart text in WooCommece

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Use filter hook: wpt_view_cart_text


function codeastrology_view_cart_text( $text ){
    $text = "Basket";
    return $text;

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To change the View Cart from the whole site, You can use the following step.

After adding a product to the cart, you will see the text "View Cart". Sometimes you may need to change that text.

We can change that text with the help of a filter hook.

Add those codes to your theme/child theme's functions.php file or use the 'Code Snippets' plugin to add those codes.

After using the filter hook, the text will change. Take a look below.

Note: As our product table 'View cart' text comes from Woocommerce, you can see that change will also appear in our product table as well.

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How to change View Cart text in WooCommece

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