Group Products By Category

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The Group Products By Category is an addon plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the Woo Product Table plugin for WooCommerce. This addon empowers you to present your WooCommerce products in a more organized and user-friendly manner by grouping them based on their respective categories and displaying the category names as titles within the product table view.

This documentation will guide you through the installation and configuration of the Group Products By Category addon plugin, helping you create a more intuitive shopping experience for your customers.


Group Products By Category is an add-on plugin of the Woo Product Table plugin, so you must have installed and activated the main plugin.

To install the Group Products By Category addon plugin, follow these steps:

  • Purchase the plugin from Here.
  • Follow this documentation to download the plugin.
  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  • Click the Upload Plugin button.
  • Choose the downloaded addon plugin ZIP file and click Install Now.
  • After installation, click Activate to activate the addon plugin.


Navigate to Woo Product Table -> Configure. You will get an input box Insert Table Ids to insert the table IDs.

If you leave the input box empty then the category name will display to all tables.

To display the category name for the specific table, you just need to insert the table IDs separated by commas.


See the result below.

Live Demo

Please visit this link to see the live demo.

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Group Products By Category

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