Do you wonder how you can create an Online Course Booking website?

Selling online courses can be a great way to make some extra money. Not only do you get to share your knowledge with others, but you also get to take advantage of the vast market that exists for online education. However, if you are new to this process, it can be difficult to know where to start.

If so, you know that a successful course sale relies on effective product placement. However, creating and placing products in your WooCommerce checkout page can be time-consuming and frustrating.

That’s where the Product Table Plugin comes in!

It allows you to create a product table that will help you sell your courses like a pro. This plugin makes it easy for you to create table rows and columns with product data.

By using this plugin, not only will your courses look professional, but buyers will also appreciate the ease of use and the flexibility that is offered by WooCommerce. So, if selling online courses is something that interests you, give us a try and see how easy it is to get started!

How to Create Online Course Booking Website in WooCommerce

In this article, we will talk about how you can Create an Online Course Booking Product Table with WooCommerce using the woo product table plugin. The article goes into depth, so keep reading…

In that case, you'll require three plugins.

The first one is WooCommerce , second is the Woo Product Table plugin, and the other is the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Remember: The free version of the Woo Product Table plugin does not allow you to access the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. So, you have to buy the pro version of the plugin. If you have any questions about how to purchase it, don't worry; I will provide detailed instructions.

WooCommerce (Installation and Active)

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin that is very simple to install and customize. It is available as a free plugin for WordPress, and its popularity has led to the creation of WooThemes, a premium extension that offers additional features and support.

To install and activate the WooCommerce plugin,

  1. Access your admin dashboard, then go to Plugins > Add Plugins.
  2. On the search box plugin type WooCommerce.
woocommerce woo product table

3. Then click on the install button and after that, activate

Your WooCommerce plugin is active, now we are going to install the Woo Product table Plugin

What is Woo Product Table plugin?

Suppose you have a product with several variations and you want to make a table that shows them for you to choose from. This approach is very simple thanks to the Woo Product Table.

Numerous options that are useful for managing products and data are available. Drag-and-drop elements, sorting table data, options for the advanced filter (taxonomy/title), quick cart update, and many other capabilities are just a few of the features available.

Allows you to display a table on every archive page or select selected archive pages to display. The table can show product categories, product names, pricing ranges, and much more! Woo Product Table is compatible with all page builders, including the Classic and Elementor Editors.

Woo Product Table (Purchased, Installation and Active)


You can purchase it from the Woo Product Table website or CodeCanyon (Envato marketplace).

Woo Product Table website

woo product table
CodeCanyon (Evanto marketplace)
code canyon woo product table

Install and Active:

Our free plugin must be installed to activate Woo Product Table Pro. So let's start.

# Access your WordPress admin panel -

Navigate to: Plugins -> Add New

  • Type "Woo Product Table" in Search Plugins ... and press Enter. Like the screenshot below
woo product table

# Then you need to be installed and activated.

Our free version plugin installs now we have to install the pro version.

# For the pro version, first extract your zip file, which you have downloaded from Woo Product Table Site or CodeCanyon. And enter the extracted folder. up to -> inside the [Main Files] folder.

Then Choose the Plugin zip file and

# After that, go to Wp Dashboard > Plugins > Add Plugins

# Click on the "Upload Plugin" button. Then click on Choose File and select the file from your computer.

# Then press the Install Now button to upload this plugin. After that, activate this plugin, and it will work perfectly.

Advanced Custom Fields (Install and active)

Now that we have our pro version of the product table plugin, now we have to install and activate the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

WordPress Admin >> Plugins >> Add New Plugin >> Search Plugin... [Advanced Custom Fields]

Advanced Custom Fields
Then you need to be installed and activated.

Make a product table for an online course.

We are making online courses booking product tables like this one.

woo product table course

To make this type of product table for an online course, we have to create custom fields like Type, Start Date, and Seats. If you follow my steps, We will show you how you can create custom fields using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields Create

  1. We already installed and activated the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. After activating it, we will get a menu named Custom Fields on the WP dashboard.
  2. First click on Fields Group
custom fields

3. Now click on Add New

Now Click - Woo Product Table

4. Give it a name like "Online Course Fields." After that, click on the Add field button.

online courses fields

5. When you click on the Add field button, a custom field will slide down. Here you have to put the Field Label, Field Name, and Field Type. Like in the screenshot below:

Add New Field Group

6. Scroll down and you will see the "Add Field" button. Click it

7.  Set conditions:
8.  Finally click on Publish.

We created our first custom field (Type).

In that way, we can create Start Date and Seat custom fields too.

Again, click on the Add Field button and they will generate a custom field for you. Here you have put the Field Label, Field Name, and Field Type. Like in the screenshot below:

  1. After that, publish it.
  2. Do it again and create another custom field named Seats.

Our Type, Start Date, and Seat custom fields are created.

Now we are at the final stages. It is time to add this custom field to our course booking product table.

Create an Online Course-type Product

For example, here we create a Web Design course-type products. Follow my steps..

  1. Navigate to Products > Add Product
  2. Then you can set the product name, description, categories, etc. as your product requirements. Like below.

3. Scroll down and you will get our Online Course Fields which we built with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin.

4. Here we have Type, Start Date, and Seats custom fields.

So put the relevant value for your product course requirements.

If you want, you can set the product short description and product image.

5. Scroll down to the product data section.

Select the External/Affiliate product from the Product Data dropdown menu.

6. After that, set the Product URL link, Button text like "Book Now" and the Regular price ($) like "140.00."

7. Finally, click on "Publish". As well as your Web Design Course product is ready now.

You already know how to create an online course-type product. This way, you can build so many online course-type products. Now we are going to create an online course booking product table.

Create an online course booking product table and add all the custom fields to it.

Keep reading..,

  1. When we install and activate the product table plugin, we will get a PRODUCT TABLE menu on the dashboard.
  2. WordPress administrator > PRODUCT TABLE > Add New
  3. Give the table a name. like Online Courses Selling Table

4. In the Table Configuration area, you will find "DEVICEWISE COLUMN SETTING".

Here you can select the columns in which you want to show your customs on the product table.


5. Then scroll down and you will see the 'Add New Column' section.

6. Here you have to enter the name of the Column Keyword Like "type", Column Label "Type" and  Column Type "Advance custom field"

Because, for this table, we are using the "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin, so you have to select 'Advance custom Field' from the dropdown.

7. Then click on the save change button and your custom column will be added to the new table.

8. Then click on the Add New Column button.

9. This custom column will be added to the product table after you click on the Add New Column button.

Scroll up and you will see it.

In that way, you can add custom columns for Start Date and Seats.

Scroll up, and click on the Query tab.

Here we have to select only external in the Product type Include input box.


You can set the course in the Category Include input box.

We set the query because we want course-type products to appear on our online course booking product table.

Click on the "Publish" button to save the table.

Our online course booking product tables is ready now. To see it, click on the Permalink like in the image below.

You can set this product table to any kind of page by using a shortcode.

Course Booking Table Interface

Live Demo Link

Final Words

If you're wondering How to Create an Online Course Booking Product Table, then I have the perfect solution for you! The Product Table plugin in WooCommerce makes it easy to list all of your courses and products together on your website, making it easier than ever for potential students to find and buy your courses.

This plugin comes with built-in marketing tools that will help you get more leads into your funnel and convert them into customers faster.

Plus, with the help of our step-by-step tutorial, you'll be able to get up and running in no time at all! So what are you waiting for? Start selling your online courses today using the Product Table plugin in WooCommerce!

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