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Footer Cart Options

Our product table have a footer cart, we can control that footer cart. Go to "Configuration" tab and make change.

  • We can hide this cart until customer add some product in his cart.
  • We can always show the cart
  • Or we can always hide the cart

Change Footer Cart BG Color

We can change footer card background color

Footer Cart Position

  • We can show footer cart in bottom right
  • We can show footer cart in bottom left
  • We can show footer cart in top right
  • Or we can show footer cart in top left

Footer Cart Size

We can control footer cart size, make sure your value is integer. Set value like 50 or 70

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Overriding item templates of columns via a theme

Woo Product Table gives you the opportunity to Overriding templates of the columns from your theme.

You can change the contents appearance with overriding template files. Our template files could be found at woo-product-table/includes/items or if you are a pro user then you should also look at woo-product-table-pro/includes/items directory. To override via your theme simply create a directory named woo-product-table/items and copy the template files inside this directory.

Below you can see our template structure. If you want to override any of these just copy and paste in to your-theme/woo-product-table/items directory.

Overriding templates feature can give you the more flexibility to customize the Woo Product Table as per your requirement. If you need any help on this topic please let us know by creating support ticket.

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Show images with Url from custom field

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Sometime you need to show an image from custom field. Also may you need to set an url to that image. In this tutorial, we are going to add custom field for image and url and show them in our table. We need 'Advanced Custom Fields(Acf)' plugin for this.

  1. Add custom field for image

    We add a custom field for image using Acf. Make sure that the field type is 'Image'

  2. Add custom field for url

    Now we need to add a field for url. Here your custom field name has to be 'image_url' , and field type 'Url'

  3. Take a look

    If you did everything right than you should have two custom field 'Image' and 'Url' in your product add page.

  4. Upload image and set Url

    Now upload image and set url

  5. Add a column in table

    Now we need to add a new column for showing that image

  6. Check column

    Column should checked by default, if not check it

  7. Result

    You can see the result in the table

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Show only variable products in Product Table?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

If you want to show only same type products in product table like simple, variable, external or group etc. you can follow below steps.

  1. Create a Product Table

    If you already created a table then you can skip this step or need help on how to create a product table using WOO Product Table for WooCommerce store the read this article.

  2. Setup Basic Query

    To set the basic query for showing specific type of products in product table go to Basic Tab. Here you can find lots of option to set query which are responsible to show products in product table.

  3. Finally publish your table

    When you are done click on publish or update to save the changes. Now copy and paste the table's shortcode to where you want to show your awesome product table.

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Check Column Options

When you enable check section from column tab, than your customer are able to select one or multiple product by clicking the checkbox.

By default no product are selected but if you want that all product should be selected automatically when the table load you can do that. There is a section “Checkbox Auto Check on Table Load (Enable/Disable)” in “Basic” tab.

Also you can change those text "Add to Cart" and "All Check/Unchecked" from there.