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Design Columns Individually

You can design easily every part of the column the way you want.

Add Custom Column As You Want​

You can show or hide a column with just one click.

Columns Only For Login User

You can restrict the column so that only registered or login users can see it.

Show Multiple Inner Items​

You can display multiple inner items inside one column, like Price, Quantity, Category, and many more.

Create A Variation Product Table

It allows you to choose add multiple variations to your Product Table at once.

Table On Variation Product Page

You can set your table on a single product variation page.

Show Variation Label

Variations Label lets you replace standard options like color, size, and dynamic labels.

Include/Exclude Products

On your product table, you have full control over whether to show or hide specific products.

Include/Exclude Categories

You can set restrictions on one or more specific categories to hide them on your product table.

Show Or Hide Mini Cart​

You can show/disable this mini cart with just one click.

Customizable Floating Cart​

With a customizable floating cart, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate in your store.

Instant Search Filter​

Gives your shoppers a quick way to search out products using an instant search filter.

Display Limited Products​

You can display a limited number of products in the product table per page.

Load More Button​

If you have many products, then you need to use the 'Load More' button to show more products.

Enable /Disable Pagination​

Pagination is on by default on product tables, but if you want, you can hide it with just one click.

Customizable Add To Cart Button

Pagination is on by default on product tables, but if you want, you can hide it with just one click.

Create Responsive Table

You can make the same table fully responsive for different devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Product Sorting​

You can sort your products by a mini-filter or search box taxonomy.