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Redirect to the checkout page after adding to cart

Sometimes we need a quick buy option. It works like, when a customer adds products to the cart then it automatically redirects to the checkout page. You can control that option from 'Configuration' tab.

If you using 'Selected' add to card option

Then use "Direct Checkout Page[for Add to cart Selected]" option.

Or if you are using 'Add to Cart' Button then use 'Enable Quick Buy Button [Direct Checkout Page for each product]' option

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Enable / Disable Load More Button

Note: Load more button is not show on archive pages ( Like Shop, Category, Tag ).

If you have many product then you need 'Load More' button and our table have that option. So you can enable or disable that button, very easily .

Go to "Configuration" Tab, scroll down and you will see an option for load more button.

Also, if you are using the free version then you will find that option in "Configure" page.

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Change Default Search Box Taxonomies Names

Sometime we need to change default search box taxonomies names and give them a meaningful name. It's help customer to understand better.

Now we are going to change those name with the help of our plugin's filter hook.

 if( !function_exists( 'codeastrology_wpto_searchbox_taxonomy_name' ) ){

	function codeastrology_wpto_searchbox_taxonomy_name( $taxonomy_name, $taxonomy_keyword){

		if( $taxonomy_keyword == "product_cat"){
			$taxonomy_name = "Filter by Category";

		if( $taxonomy_keyword == "product_tag"){
			$taxonomy_name = "Filter by Tag";
		return $taxonomy_name;

 add_filter( 'wpto_searchbox_taxonomy_name', 'codeastrology_wpto_searchbox_taxonomy_name', 10,2 );

Add those code in your theme/child theme's functions.php file or use 'Code Snippets' plugin to add those code. Take a look

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Design Table Head

To design your table head, go to Style and expend 'Table Head' section .

Available Options

  1. Typography
    • Using typography you can change
      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Weight
      • Text Transform
      • Font Style
      • Text Decoration
      • text-decoration
      • text-decoration
  2. Color
    • Use to change table head text color.
  3. Background Color
    • Use to change table head background-color.
  4. Border Color
    • Using to change border-color.
  5. Cell Padding
    • If you want to give some padding between cells, use this.