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Multiple Plus Minus Problem

We have noticed that in the quantity column multiple plus-minus buttons appear because of some theme, like above. In this article we are going to solve that problems.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Get rid of multiple plus minus problem

  1. Uninstall recommended plugin

    When someone installs our WOO Product Table plugin, we recommend our another plugin "Quantity Plus Minus Button for WooCommerce". Please deactivate the plugin if it has activated. Also, any other Quantity Plus Minus Button plugin as well, if there is any.

  2. Active Blank Column

    Next step, need to active 'blank' column

  3. Set Quantity

    Now we are select quantity as a inner item

Now save the change, that's it.

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Manipulate Quantity After Add To Cart

By default in our product table quantity is 1 and when you add the product into the cart product quantity will back to 1. If you want to set product quantity 0 instead of 1, you can easily do it by using a filter hook called wpto_qty_return_zero.


Now suppose you are using one of the quantity control plugin. In that case when you add product to the cart, quantity will back to the minimum value.

But you want that quantity should be the same increment value. For example, your product minimum quantity is 2 and you increase value to 6 and then add product to cart. Now you don't want that the quantity value set back to the minimum value 2. You want quantity value remain that increase value 6.

For that we just need to use 'wpto_qty_return_quanity' filter.

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Thumbnail Image Options

When someone click on thumbnails image by default image popup in lightbox. You change that image behavior.

  • No Action - Disable all kinds of actions.
  • Product Link - On click, image will open the product in the product single page.
  • Quick View - When someone clicks the thumbnails image, it will open in YITH quick view.