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How to sort products using tags or custom taxonomy?

In our Woo Product Table, there is a feature called Mini-Filter which can help you to sort products of the table. This mini-filter works based on categories, tags and custom taxonomies. Let see how to enable mini-filter in our product table.

  1. Add a new Custom Column

    To enable mini-filter you have first add new column for specific terms e.g. Tags or Categories or Custom Taxonomies

  2. Select column type as Custom Taxonomy

  3. Type taxonomy slug in the keyword input field

    How to find custom taxonomies slug in WordPress?

  4. Type Column Name

  5. Now click on ADD AS COLUMN

  6. Now publish or update the product table

  7. Go to Search Box And Filter tab

    Here you should find Mini Filter

  8. Select Show Filter

    To enable Mini-Filter you must have to select show filter from drop-down.

  9. Finally click on Update