The Most Popular Product Table Plugin For WooCommerce

Woo Product Table is the most popular, light weight, fastest and flexible way to find and purchase products with WooCommerce


Quick Order System

  • Using our Woo Product Table multiple products and variations can be ordered by a single click
  • Use instant search or advanced search to quickly find products
  • This is the best way to show your products for wholesale, restaurants or quotation forms

Do Whatever You Want

  • Add table’s shortcode to anywhere like Gutenberg block, Elementor, Divi Builder or any visual builder
  • Add custom columns with products data
  • Show data from any custom fields, attributes, taxonomies

Table View Shop Layout

Using our awesome product table plugin, you can easily convert your whole shop layout as table view.

Tutorial – Product Table – WooCommerce Archive/Category/Tag/Attribute page


Override Shop Archive

With our product table plugin you can easily override the default grid layout shop archive to table view layout. See Demo

All in One Table

You have the ability to list hundreds or even thousand of products.

Add Unlimited Columns

Add more custom columns as per required by your shop. You can add different types of columns like Advanced Custom Fields, Taxonomy, Custom Field or even Blank type column.

Quick Add to Cart

With this Woo Product Table users can browse all the products from one table and can quickly add to cart.

Bulk Add to Cart

Also users can add product in cart bulk mode. Which can increase your sales and revenue.

Expert Support Team

Whenever you need us we are here. Our expert support team can help you to solve any kind of issue. Contact us in different ways like Live chat, Skype, Email or Creating Support Ticket.

Browse All Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Customizable Columns
  • Add to cart Column
  • Override Shop Archive
  • Variation Column
  • Image and Media
  • Advanced Controls
  • Advanced Search and Filtering
  • Customize the Table Design
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • And many more…

Creating table is very easy

From WordPress dashboard you can easily create WooCommerce product table using our WOO Product Table. You are free to add columns inside our product table as many as your shop requires.

Show table anywhere in your site

After creating product table you can find table specific shortcode. You can paste that shortcode anywhere in your site to show the Woo Product Table.

Select any column to show in table

Create product table with unlimited numbers of column as per required by your shop. There are already pre defined columns which you can use or you can add any custom columns. Predefined columns are thumbnails, product_title, action, check, freeze, category, tags, sku, weight, length, width, height, rating and so on.

Select inner items inside Columns

Table creating made easy by our most popular Woocommerce Product Table. You can add inner columns when you need to show more data in your table’s column.

There are lots of column controls

Table column need to change as per required. That’s why we have added lots of column controls like column name, column class, column wrapper and son on.

Change the Text

You can change the Add to cart and All to cart selected text of buttons from configuration tab.

Bulk Add to Cart

By enabling check column users can add to cart multiple items at a time.

Third Party Supported Column

This action column can be used for third party addons or plugins supported. Wherever you need to show products data which generated by others plugin you can use action column to show them.

Ajax Add to Cart

You can also control the page load or not when adding to cart.

Variations in Separate Column

In our product table you can show up products variations in a separate column.

Control Image Size

With our plugin you can set custom image size.

Three ways to control image behavior

Lightbox is the default image popup.

YITH Quick View can be used for alternative of default lightbox.

Product Link can be also used for linking to single product page.

Controls on which products to show

There are lots of controlling options. You can show product based on categories, tags, custom taxonomies, custom attributes or by individual product IDs.


You have the full control on pagination. You can change the post number on each page.

Footer Cart

You can change the position of footer cart to left bottom, right bottom, top right, top left. Also you can disable the footer cart or change its appearance.

Mini cart

You can change the position of mini cart to top or bottom of the table.

Search using custom field

You can set any specific custom field like product_name, sku, price, categories and many more based on to show search result.

Filter using any terms or taxonomies

There is the ability to provide users to filter products using any custom fields.

Change the appearance

You are free to change the whole table appearance. From our design tab you can change table’s header, body, search box, mini cart, footer cart’s text color, border, padding, background-color, width etc.

Show/hide columns based on device size

You can make the product table responsive as per your need. You can show/hide column on device based. So when you in small device you can show 1 or 2 column and on large device you can show all the columns.

Audio Player with Playlist

There is a new column which can make your table a audio player.

Add to Favorite/Wishlist

You can enable add to favorite/wishlist feature which is builtin in our plugin.

Change the shop layout as Table layout

Just creating a table and selecting that table as shop archive layout is enough to change the whole shop layout as table layout.

Pricing Plan


  • Create Unlimited Table
  • Mini Cart
  • Column Customization
  • Predefined Column
  • Drag n Drop Column
  • Inner Column
  • Label text Change
  • Shortcode Column
  • Content Column
  • Audio Column
  • Audio Player
  • ACF Field in Column
  • Blank Column
  • Product Exclude/Include
  • Table Design Feature
  • Advanced Search
  • Settings for each table
  • Shop Archive Override
  • Documentation
  • Third Party Plugin Support
  • Support

Premium Plugin

  • Create Unlimited TableYes
  • Mini CartYes
  • Column CustomizationYes
  • Predefined Column31
  • Drag n Drop ColumnYes
  • Inner ColumnYes
  • Label text ChangeYes
  • Shortcode ColumnYes
  • Content ColumnYes
  • Audio ColumnYes
  • Audio PlayerYes
  • ACF Field in ColumnYes
  • Blank ColumnYes
  • Product Exclude/IncludeYes
  • Table Design FeatureYes
  • Advanced SearchYes
  • Settings for each tableYes
  • Shop Archive OverrideYes
  • DocumentationYes
  • Third Party Plugin SupportYes
  • SupportYes

Free Plugin

  • Create Unlimited TableYes
  • Mini CartYes
  • Column CustomizationPartial
  • Predefined Column28
  • Drag n Drop ColumnYes
  • Inner ColumnYes
  • Label text ChangePartial
  • Shortcode ColumnNo
  • Content ColumnNo
  • Audio ColumnNo
  • Audio PlayerNo
  • ACF Field in ColumnNo
  • Blank ColumnNo
  • Product Exclude/IncludePartial
  • Table Design FeatureNo
  • Advanced SearchPartial
  • Settings for each tableNo
  • Shop Archive OverrideNo
  • DocumentationYes
  • Third Party Plugin SupportYes
  • SupportYes